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I’ve been working within large organisations to help drive success in the charity sector for over 15 years.

Now, I support you and your teams to feel confident in your skills, abilities and creativity to find solutions to work sustainably and achieve success.

why I do this

9 out of 10 charity workers in the UK have experienced stress, overwhelm or burnout in the past year (Source: Third Sector Survey).

It’s a common story in the sector that I’ve not been immune from in my career. All too often, we find ourselves jumping straight back in without the right skills or support to protect ourselves in the future. We are ambitious people, not wanting to let our colleagues or organisations down.

However, we can work in sustainable ways and still create a meaningful impact. Every person brings something special to their work. As a sector, it’s what makes us thrive.

When we have the space to pause and reflect, away from the treadmill of life, we find the answers that we need. Whether this is for ourselves with our personal development plans, or as a team, tackling a challenge together to achieve goals.

With the right support, everyone can tap into their unique capabilities to excel in what they do, without jeopardising themselves.

I’m driven by the passion and dedication that people in the charity sector bring to their work. I am always inspired by your heart and hard work, and want to support your commitment to making change happen.

about laura

I’ve experienced the sector from entry level jobs through to senior leadership and board work, raising significant funds along the way. More recently I’ve worked internationally, helping teams in large organisations across the globe including Oxfam and Save The Children to drive growth in income from the public and  supporters.

Through my career, I’ve become increasingly  passionate about people and how we can thrive both personally and professionally. Now, I focus on organisational and people development, supporting people to tackle the challenges in their roles and careers.

Alongside this, I’ve got a degree in Psychology (BSc Hons), and an accredited diploma in coaching (ANIMAS). I’m a certified mental health first aider and hold a range of certificates in coaching and facilitation. So, rest assured you’re in safe hands. 

 Check out more on my credentials here.

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