What Is Coaching?

A few years back I thought coaching was for athletes, or just another management buzzword. 

Coaching is a bit of a mystery to many of us. As professionals, we focus on the hard skills that we need to deliver our work (technical knowledge or practical experience), but often are not aware of the soft skills that can help us thrive in what we do. 

Coaching is a conversational approach that supports you to make positive change. 

It gives space away from the busy day-to-day to provoke thinking and taps deeper into what makes us tick. It supports us to unlock the answers that we already have within.

From solving practical challenges in your job, gaining clarity and insights, developing your emotional intelligence,  supporting your personal development plans, to taking a step back to assess the bigger picture. You choose the goal that you want to achieve, and are supported to get there. 

Have you ever? 

Felt like you are at the point of burnout with your workload? Lacked confidence in what you do? Found yourself facing the same challenge repeatedly and unsure how to overcome it? Felt stuck in the treadmill of work? Experienced imposter syndrome?  Felt unsure of where your career is going and what you want from it? 

You aren’t the only one. These are just some of the common challenges that we all face. Working with a coach can be a great way to work out how to become unstuck, and build momentum forward. 

What can you expect in a coaching session with me? 

  • A judgment free zone! This is your time to talk freely, without saying what is the ‘right thing’ or worrying about others’ perceptions. It’s amazing how liberating this can be, and facilitates us to think more productively. 
  • The conversation is led by you.  You are the expert in your life. My role is to ask questions so you can explore your thinking, reflect back to you, sometimes challenge, motivate and support you,  or offer tools to help you develop your ideas.  I do not give advice or tell you what to do. 
  • Future focused. I will help you to move forward. Some clients like to develop detailed action plans. Some want me to be their accountability partner. Some like homework. Some like to use tools. Some just want a calm space to think. Some want a sounding board to help organise their thinking. I tailor my support to meet your needs so you can move in a direction that works for you. 
  • My belief that you are creative, resourceful and capable. Although not always obvious, we are all able to find the insights and solutions we need. Our busy day to day lives can cloud our ability to see this, and it’s my role to support you to de-mist your thinking. I know you’ve got this, I just want to help you get there!  

How Can you find Out More?

Personally,  I see coaching as part of my own toolkit to succeed. I know first hand how valuable it can be and I  have regular sessions with my own coach. Having a space where I can think out loud, be challenged, organise my thoughts and recognise progress is invaluable. 

But I would say that, right?!  If you’d like to experience what it’s all about, I offer a free, no-strings-attached half hour session.  

It’s important to work with a coach who is the right fit for you. You can ask me any question, get a flavour for how we could work together and understand how coaching could support you to being your best self. 

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