Day to day, we give considerable focus to ‘what’ we do, but we often forget to pause and consider the ‘how’ we do it. 

Let me ease the load and help you get there.

How I can Support You

I provide supportive personal coaching, results focused facilitation for groups and custom designed training to you and your teams.

Because no situation or challenge is ever the same, I want to help you uncover the solution that fits you and your organisation.


I want to better understand my needs and move forward with purpose and clarity


I’ve been using coaching methods in my management style for over a decade. Now, as a qualified coach, I believe in the power of supporting individuals and teams to find the solutions that best work for them. When we are empowered, we enjoy our work more and are more successful. 

Using conversational approaches, I’ll  curate your own calm confidential space away from the daily grind to get you to where you want to be. You will be supported to unlock the answers that you already have within. 


I need to find better ways to achieve success with meetings, workshops, and conferences

I’ve designed, planned and facilitated everything from large international conferences, virtual multi-day events through to small team meetings.

Got an important virtual or in-person  event coming up?

Let’s chat about how I can help you make your group work a success.


I want to upskill myself and/or my team in our interpersonal and soft skills

My career has taken me around the world running training workshops with teams over the past 15 years, I love helping people grow.

Soft skills are often overlooked in our work but can have a huge impact on our abilities to build trust, be effective and achieve big. I tailor bespoke solutions to meet you and your organisation’s needs.